Our Business

Wreed Global Company business activities are handled through ten distinctive business units.

Each of our ten business units is managed by a professional team with a profound expertise in a variety of products & services.

Our business units are able to respond swiftly to all commercial enquiries and to propose adapted products and services to our customers worldwide, as well as provide them with technical assistance wherever required.


The Industrial Technical Services unit provides for services to the Oil and Gas, Mining & Health sectors:

 Computer Systems
 Communication Systems
 Security Systems
 Technical Services

The Food & Beverages unit handles:

 Bakery Products
 Vegetables & Fruits
 Dairy Products
 Vegetable Oils
 Mineral Water
 Soft Drinks & Energy Drinks

The Construction & Property Contracting unit handles:

 Plaster & Decoration
 Construction Materials

The Commodity Brokering unit handles:

 Argicultural Commodities
 Metals, Minerals & Ores
 Energy Sources

The Project Development & Management unit handles:

 Industrial & Commercial facilities
 Road Works
 Seaport & Airport Activities
 Hospitals & Healthcare Centers
 Sport Stadiums & Recreational Centers

The Import & Export unit handles:

 Animal Nutrition & Livestock
 Industrial Chemicals
 Fertilizers & Crop Nutrition
 Ferrous & Paper Scrap

The Business Solutions unit handles:

 IT Business Solutions
 ERP Business Solutions

The Materials & Support Services unit handles:


The Health, Safety & Environment unit handles:

 Health Safety & Environment Management Systems
 Health Safety & Environment Equipment, Supplies & Training Kits

The Medical Activities unit handles:

 Hospital Furniture
 Surgical Equipment
 Medical Instruments
 Protective Wear
 Diagnostics Equipment
 Other Equipment

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