Core Values

It is Wreed's ambition to achieve global success in each of its product markets, a goal which can only be attained through a solid foundation and ethical principles.






It is our aim to create a congenial and efficient working environment, coupled with a sound and honest business ethic with which to conduct our dealings.
With this in mind, Wreed has outlined some of its core values:



Prior to signing any business contract, we strive that a given word is the foundation of honest and fair business dealings for our every transaction.


We commit ourselves to continually improve the industry benchmark with respect to product quality, price and timely delivery/shipment.


To react promptly to any given enquiry as well as to improve the professionalism and motivation of our staff to better serve our clients.


We value individual excellence and work as a team for the benefit of the company as well as that of our clients.

Environmental Sustainability

We anticipate and comply in full transparency with local environmental laws and regulations and promote products that help our clients maintain a sustainable development.

Openness, Trust & Confidentiality

Confidentiality is of paramount importance in a multi-tiered company to ensure that each decision is handled at the correct level and every negotiation is dealt with in the strictest confidentiality.