About Us


Wreed Global Company was established with experience in the defined business areas expand over 35 years.

Wreed’s growth plan has been centered on cost-effectively fulfilling customer needs and resolving customer problems. We strive to be on time, on scope and on-budget. as good as our word.

We aim to offer comprehensive quality, service, high readiness of delivery and innovative solutions.

The commitment to demonstrate as specialists in our areas of business is expected to be the one that would make a difference to our customers without whom Wreed would not exist.

For our success, we want and need to be a long-term, reliable and trustworthy partner to our customers, authorities, banks and suppliers.

Safety Value

Wreed takes all technical and other humanly possible precautionary measures in order to guarantee the health and safety of our employees, clients, suppliers & other partners.


Wreed is guided by a set of core values: Integrity, Commitment, Efficiency, Teamwork, Environmental Sustainability, Openness, Trust & Confidentiality.

These values reflect who we are and what we do. They ensure the effectiveness of our integrated and decentralized approach and help us achieve our purpose of enhancing lives by improving our global business activities.

Commitment To The Environment

Introducing technologies to business is done only after ensuring maximum environmental precaution and protection. It is our ambitious goal to leave behind more valuable habitats for plants and animals after the exploitation than they were before. Therefore, we are ready willing and able to closely cooperate with environmental organizations.

Being aware of our responsibility towards the region, we are prepared to support social, sports, and cultural activities. Particularly the promotion of youth and educational facilities is of special significance to us.

Socio-Economic Responsibilities

We take pride in our efforts to become an attractive employer and we very soon hope to offer our motivated employees security, above average incomes, posts which provide a high quality of life and good advancement prospects.

As a social responsibility, for our employees and their deserving family members, we gear ourselves and part of our profits to provide professional, personal and methodological education.

International Know-How Affiliation

Although Wreed is a precedent established company, the regional and international affiliations with strong know-how and solution providers in the respective businesses make it strong & competitive in the national and international markets.


We hope you will give us an opportunity to meet with you to offer solutions that contribute to yours and consequently our organization’s development. 

Thank you.

Wreed, your partner in progress!

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